Hot water systems require regular maintenance to ensure they work efficiently and have a long lifespan. Storage tanks should have several litres of water drained annually from the pressure relief valve. This is done by lifting up on the relief valve lever, holding for 5 seconds and then allowing the lever to snap back into place. The valve should allow a discharge of water into the drainpipe. This is to test the correct operation of the valve, flush out any sediment that has built-up which will minimise corrosion and improve the efficiency that the system heats your water. If the valve does not discharge any water or continues to run water once the lever is reset the valve will likely need replacing. It is also important to check the temperature to which your hot water system is heating the water to. By lowering the temperature setting you can lower the power bill and reduce the risk of scalding.

Safeguard Plumbers can investigate your situation and offer the best solution to your problem. It may be as simple as replacing a valve, adjusting the temperature setting and as involved as replacing the hot water unit.